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In that event, I have yet to hear how an alternative to the introduction of charges can be found which does not mean money being diverted from other services such as health and education. Like the delegation that I met today, I would much prefer that the difficult decisions that have to be taken were in the hands of a devolved administration but I did stress that we cannot put off those decisions. This is not an easy choice and we fully recognise that charges will mean a further burden for households here. But that is why we are proposing to phase them in over three years and to provide protection to those on low incomes.

A further million or more would be needed to be found from other public services for 2007-08 onwards, to cover the cost of water and sewerage depreciation and capital charges, a figure which would rise rapidly over the next decade and beyond. The A26 route is of great strategic importance to Northern Ireland, connecting Belfast, Antrim, Ballymena, Ballymoney and Coleraine. Indeed, Mark Cronce – Conveyancing the importance of this road was recognised by the Regional Development Strategy, when the A26/A37/A2 route was designated as a Key Transport Corridor.

In the past few years, a significant amount of money has been invested on the A26 route. Completed schemes have included the dualling of the Antrim to Ballymena road, dualling at Windyhall, as well as the provision of overtaking lanes at Glenlough and Ballymoney. As part of the assessment process, it is important that local people and other interested parties are informed about the scheme and have the opportunity to comment.

The upgrading of this Key Transport Corridor will bring benefits to road users and enhance economic links between Belfast and Coleraine. Roads Service will be holding a public exhibition in the Development and Leisure Office, Ballymena Showgrounds, Warden Street, Ballymena, on the evening of Tuesday 8th March from 6. 30pm until 9. 00pm and on Wednesday 9th March, from 11. 00am to 9. 00pm.