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It will also, of course, have the added benefit of being a more cost-efficient way for the MOD to do business. We hope to extend this much further so that you can do things like make travel arrangements and report sick absences directly onto a central MOD IT system. This will remove the need for local admin points who currently have to collage lots of bits of paper, as they do at the moment. But what about people who aren’t necessarily sitting in front of a computer all day.

We’re very much aware that there are quite a number of DLO staff who aren’t necessarily deskbound or computer-literate. A specially trained ‘service agent’ will then deal with the enquiry. We expect the service centre initiative to really contribute to providing the efficiency, consistency and continuity of service we strive for. The self-service and service centre options also give us much clearer, easier and faster control over our own data. We expect that in the future 80 per cent of HR services will be dealt with in this way.

nder the new system line managers will also be able to be in direct control of many things they had not been in the past, such as recruitment of staff. These functions will no longer be performed by dedicated HR staff, but you mustn’t think that line managers will be left high and dry. There will be specialist HR advisers on hand that can be called on as required to assist them in these processes. View More: Enact Settlement Agents Perth

I asked Dave why the MOD felt it appropriate to go down the self-service route. Technology creates so many more opportunities these days, and when you benchmark us against some commercial companies we find we’are lagging behind somewhat. For example, a company like BT would have one HR person for every 150 people in the company. In the DLO we currently have one for every 30 people, and the MOD average is one per 27. HR policy will also be available through the online system, so you can look up details about things like maternity and special leave entitlements more quickly and these should be explained in simple terms on the new people portal (website).