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Schools across Newham are doing their bit to keep the nation’s native woodland alive by branching into a different form of recycling. Thirty-six schools in Newham are recycling old directories, which feature sandcastles on the cover. On my latest walkabout I heard how people felt about safety, parking and congestion in the Green Street area. During my day-long tour I had plenty of opportunity to meet and chat with local shoppers, residents, shopkeepers and staff. The walkabout has enabled me and local councillors the chance to see and hear first hand the issues in the area.


The day started with a visit to the Green Street Local Service Centre, followed quickly by a visit to Green Street Library where I met both staff and users and listened to their views. One of the best parts of the day was when pupils sang me a song about living in Newham. I was so impressed I learned the words of their song myself. Where I spoke with Muslim religious leaders and worshippers and answered questions. I have passed on all the issues raised to council officers. Click here to view the source of the post : best conveyancing Brisbane – JC Mckay

I want to listen to what people have to say and there were some interesting points, both good and bad.The OFT has propounded a common mark of recognition for all high street companies offering four core standards of consumer service. They explained that the boroughs current outer London designation means Newham Council receives £58 million per year less than it would if it. were classed as inner London like neighbouring Greenwich and Tower Hamlets. The MPs highlighted some of the discrepancies that the current system throws up, in particular the fact the council has to pay its teachers an inner London allowance while receiving only outer London subsidy.

We know that crime and loutish behaviour is one of the biggest concerns to people in Newham, said the former police superintendent. Through new legislation we have more opportunities for enforcement. I go to Community Forums and I know the people of Newham want to see them applied. John, 58, has worked for the council for nine years, following a 31-year career in the police, half of which was spent in Newham. He joined the council as Emergency Planning Officer, and within four years had risen to the role of Head of Community Safety and Emergency Services.